How Kids’ Movies Revived my Social Life

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Before kids I had a pretty active social life, but since kids, well, what that social life looks like has changed. I’m lucky to still see friends frequently, but that usually means playdates with our kids.

For six months a friend and I tried to find a night for a double date, meaning both families had no other commitments and could find childcare. We finally settled on a day a month in advance. Then the week before, my childcare canceled.

We could have rescheduled, but we probably would gone another six months before everyone was available. So instead we planned a kids’ movie night at the same time as a game night for the adults, and got a solid two hours of grown-up time in with another couple!

How to Plan Your Kids’ Movie/At Home Date Night

  • Make friends with your kids’ friends’ parents! To pull this off you need a family everyone in your family wants to hang out with. Otherwise you are going to spend the whole night getting interrupted by kids, or spending your limited leisure time with people who suck.
  • Choose the movie in advance. Make sure it’s something both families have seen before, so your kids aren’t seeing something you find problematic without your knowledge. Make sure you choose a movie that works for the most sensitive kid in the group.
  • Have movie snacks ready to go. While popcorn is the most obvious choice, it also requires supervision with younger kids, which isn’t what you want. We had our movie night at dinner time and made mini pizzas for the kids.
  • Make a big deal about it being a special event. In general, we don’t allow screen time during playdates. Make it clear this is a rare exception.
  • Set up your date night spot. Set out food and a pitcher of drinks (like this Game Night Sangria) so you don’t have to go back for refills- you know if your kids see you they’ll start asking for things and there goes your adult time!
  • Pick a fun date night activity! We played Cards Against Humanity.
  • Make sure your kids are an appropriate distance away based on their maturity level. We had our 6 and 4 year olds in earshot, but older kids would probably be fine on a different floor. Make sure they know where you are- you’ll probably get interrupted a few times with little kids.
  • Have fun!

Try your own kid movie/adult date night and let me know how it goes!

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